Selling Your Home? How to Prepare for an Inspection

Whether your house has been on the market for a few weeks or a few months, getting an offer that you are pleased with and that you have accepted is super exciting. You and the buyer’s have signed the papers; however, before the transaction is complete, there is an important step in the process that has to be completed, and one that you certainly don’t want to overlook: The home inspection long island.

An inspection of your home can make or break the deal. If the inspection is less than satisfactory, the buyer’s may decide to back out, or the bank may not approve their mortgage. However, if the inspection goes well, you’re one step closer to handing over your keys.

Since the inspection is such an important part of the home buying process, it’s important that sellers prepare for it. How can you make sure that the long island home inspection will go as smoothly as possible? Here are some tips to help you prepare…

The Exterior of the House

Take the time to look over the exterior of your house and attend to the following to ensure a smooth inspection:

  • Clear off any debris on the roof
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  • Clean out the gutters
  • Make sure water from downspouts is diverted away from the house
  • Inspect your trees and hedges: Trim any overhanging limbs or dead branches; trim the hedges; pull down any dead trees or hedges
  • Clear access to critical components on the exterior or your home; electrical boxes, oil access tank, etc
  • Repair any cracked or broken mortar in bricks and blocks on the driveway or walkways

The Interior of the House

  • Make sure drains run smoothly and clear out any clogs
  • Test out smoke and carbon monoxide detectors
  • Check all lights and make sure to replace any bulbs that are burned out
  • Inspect the windows and doors to make sure that they easily open, close and lock
  • Check your HVAC system to make sure that it is operating properly
  • Make sure the toilets, sinks, tubs and shower are in proper working order. Fix any leaks and caulk around fixtures, if necessary
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  • Clear areas under sinks so that they can be easily inspected
  • Check all outlets and light switches to make sure they work properly
  • Inspect your attic or crawlspace to make sure insulation is present and in good condition; if it’s missing, install it and if it’s in poor condition, replace it
  • If you have a fireplace, clean it out and have the chimney swept. Also, make sure the flue is working properly
  • Check all appliance and make sure they are working properly
  • Inspect ventilation systems in bathrooms to ensure that they are working
  • Clear access to all rooms, which may include moving furniture
  • Make sure to remove all clutter
  • Do a thorough cleaning; dirt, debris and cobwebs may not impact the function of certain systems, but it certainly is off-putting for the nassau county home inspector – and the buyers

Taking the time to time to make sure your house is in tip-top condition before a nassau county home inspection takes place will ensure everything will go as smoothly as possible so that you are on step closer to selling your house.